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In the legal industry, records storage and management of both paper and electronic records continues to be an important challenge that must be carefully managed. You've invested extensively in your files, filing resources, and systems. But sooner or later, you'll reach capacity. How can you properly and efficiently manage those growing volumes of records and balance the trade-off between soaring real-estate costs and the need for rapid accessibility? Coast has the solutions for your legal records management needs.

Records Storage and Management

Law firms and legal counsel generate an unusually high volume of records. Coast responds to these unique demands in a variety of ways:

  • Paper Records Storage for Client/Case Files - Coast is a leading provider of storage, access, and retrieval services for paper records.  We operate secure facilities where you can store your active and inactive records - on open, active shelves or in cartons - as well as your irreplaceable vital records (such as deeds, trusts, stock certificates, and more).
  • Electronic Records Storage - Coast can index and store your electronic documents such as CM/ECF files, e-discovery, e-mails, billing statements or scanned paper documents in our secure and confidential data center.  Coast's highly efficient image technology lets you preview thumbnails, zoom in/out, rotate, print, or forward the image. Your archived images remain available according to your retention schedule.
  • Rapid, Accurate Retrieval and Refiling - We can set up our storage to mirror your own filing systems, making it easy to use our services.
  • Proper Retention Schedules - Given the huge volumes of records that a law firm manages, it's essential to continually dispose of unnecessary documents.  Coast knows the rules.  We can help you devise legally credible policies and procedures for retaining and disposing of your records to reduce your real estate and storage costs - and keep you compliant with all laws and regulations.  We have the legal research and industry experience.
  • Vital Records Storage - Legal institutions deal with a high volume of irreplaceable documents, such as original deeds, titles, stock certificates, patents, trusts, contracts and other notarized or certified records.  Our climate-controlled facilities are designed to provide the extra level of security and attention that these materials require.

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