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Want to WIN More Cases? Get the Facts!
Professionally Prepared, High-Tech Multimedia Trial Presentations Work!

FACT: Juries retain more information when presented with visual aids
FACT: Psychologists have discovered that approximately 2/3 of the population (and of course, 2/3 of any jury pool and judge) are "visual learners."

In today’s litigation environment with modern, visually oriented juries, controlling the presentation of evidence during a trial is more important than ever. Electronic presentation can also speed up trial proceedings and make an outstanding impression on jurors.

When presenting the FACTS of your case, shouldn’t you use the latest technology & services from a reliable, proven trial presentation provider?

The FACT is: We can help. Give us a call today!

Call Now! 1-856-269-0400
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Call Now! 1-856-269-0400
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Coast Scanning Trial Presentation Services

Trial Consultants – Coast Collaborates with our clients from the beginning to the end of the case. That means we’re there when you need us, and can assist you from opening statement through last-minute changes in your closing argument.

Multimedia Presentation Systems – LCDs, plasmas, monitors, laptops, scanners and hardware for courtroom or war room for use in trial in just minutes. Again, for impact on today’s jury you need visuals – everyone knows how to watch TV!

PowerPoint Presentations – Coast creates static or animated text slides for opening and closing statements and charts so the jurors can follow along easily.

Video Deposition Editing and Synchronization – If your firm uses depositions and you’re not utilizing the video, you are missing a powerful tool that can provide compelling and psychological advantage to your argument.

Digital Document Editing – Clean up messy documents or redactions.

Document Imaging and Coding – Coding and Indexing allows you to have up to 32 customizable fields of retrieval information at your fingertips. It allows you to search and catalog your documents in an efficient matter.

Custom Database Development – Summation™ or Concordance™

File Conversion – EDD- Electronic Data Discovery services available.

Trial Exhibit Binder Creation

Call Now! 1-856-269-0400

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